What does your
brand sounds like?

Background Music has the power to make or break the ambiance. When music suits the moment, place and time you will a mini cup disposable vape 7000 puffs grape directly notice this. In combination with light, color and your interior design it is possible to create the most perfect match. It’s the sugar on the cake and that’s where we are focusing on.

in-store music retail
Achtergrond muziek horeca
Spotify Zakelijk

we create
your sound.

By combining our music knowledge with your brand identity, we create a custom music selection of Soundtracks which will suit your brand. These Soundtracks will get FOCUS V Vape# Your Ultimate FOCUS V Vape Online Store updated automatically so your stores always will be provided with new background music. Read more about custom sounds for brands we work with.

Play music that fits the moment.

With suitable in-store music during the moments of a day you will increase the enthusiasm of the staff and customers of course. In the end this will affect the duration of stay and amount of spending of customers.

in-store music achtergrond muziek spotify zakelijk soundtrack


in-store music achtergrond muziek spotify zakelijk soundtrack

Easily create
music zones and
play different
styles of music.

Create different music ‘zones’ and play a various style of music which suits the ambiance of that specific ‘zone’. All zones can easily be remoted and managed separately through the ‘remote app’

will become

As a brand you want to ‘inspire. With ‘branded’ in-store music and specific music for campaigns we take care of the music and make it a part of the total marketing branding strategy. Customers will become Followers.

instore muziek achtergrond muziek spotify zakelijk soundtrack


achtergrond muziek winkelin-store music achtergrond muziek spotify zakelijk soundtrack
in-store music achtergrond muziek spotify zakelijk soundtrackachtergrond muziek restaurant

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