The perfect background music for hotels.

Create the perfect ambiance with music that suits your concept. Play different styles of music during day-parts and make sure the tempo of the music reflects the energy level and quantity of customers in your location.

Choose from 300+ ready-made Soundtracks or create your own custom Soundtrack by importing a Spotify playlist or by choosing aspects like genre, mood, tempo, decade and energy level.

All Soundtracks are curated carefully and consist of an average of 1000 tracks. Will get updated on a weekly or monthly base so your music is up to date and won’t repeat continuous.

offline modus

With the automatic offline mode your music will never stop playing.


Choose from 300+ ‘never ending’ Soundtracks or create your own with Spotify.


Choose the right sound, schedule it for the right moment and focus on guests.

in-store music achtergrond muziek spotify zakelijk soundtrack
in-store music achtergrond muziek spotify zakelijk soundtrack

✔ Manage your music at all locations

✔ Change the music on location easily

✔ Turn Spotify playlists into Soundtracks

✔ Enjoy perfect sound quality

“We vinden het belangrijk dat zowel onze gasten als het personeel zich prettig en thuis voelt in onze Barns. Muziek is daar een belangrijk onderdeel van en op dat gebied zitten we nu helemaal goed”
– Yoghurt Barn –

Achtergrond muziek voor Hotels
Achtergrond muziek hotels
Achtergrond muziek hotels
Achtergrond muziek voor Hotels

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