With some of the brands we work with we like to create a short story through an interview. In these interviews we’re talking about the brand and how important music is for their locations. What is their view on the music and how do we determine the music?

For Lush we’re talking with Manon Feenstra, the operational manager.

Hallo Manon,

Can you tell us a bit more about Lush?

Lush is originally a British cosmetics company with ten locations in the Netherlands. We stand for fresh, handmade, vegan cosmetics that have not been tested on animals. We believe in ethical sourcing and “the fresher the better”, actively participate in environmental activism and believe that people make better products than machines.

How important is music for Lush?

Music in our stores is a very important factor. It contributes – consciously and unconsciously – enormously to the overall in-store experience. We want the right music genre at the right time and at the right volume!

What is the favorite type of genre for Lush?

Lush people are happy people. Our favorite music is Happy. However, we also love Soul and Uptempo music.

What was the main reason to work with us?

At first we were mainly looking for a music service that could be used offline. After a pleasant intro meeting and seeing the possibilities of A Music Moment and Soundtrack, we were sold.

What do you like the most about our system or the collaboration?

Since Soundtrack has been used in our stores, the music has been much more creative. Due to the ease of use and the many playlists, the music genre can easily be adapted to the atmosphere or the time of day.

Lush is a fair and sustainable company, what do you think of our Fair-trade music?

Lush believes in the principles of fair trade and that everyone should receive a fair price for their products. This applies not only to the ingredients that Lush uses, but also to the music that is played in the stores. A music service where the artist receives a fair price for his / her songs is therefore very much in line with our principles.

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