achtergrond muziek restaurant

With some of the brands we work with we like to create a short story through an interview. In these interviews we’re talking about the brand and how important music is for their locations. What is their view on the music and how do we determine the music?

For De Horeca Groep in Leiden we’re talking with Sophie Hadjidakis, the operational manager.

Hi Sophie,

Can you tell us who you are and what kind of business you’re in?

My role at the organization is ‘operational manager’. De Horeca Groep is a hospitality organization and we develop and run our own restaurant concepts. With the development of our xf rolex datejust mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 116200blro blue dial silver tone concepts we like to add some value to our city and the environment. At this moment we have about 7 different concepts in our group.

How important is music for all restaurant concepts?

Music is very important for us. Especially because we offer different types of restaurants we like to create different vibes and music truly needs to be a part of this whole experience.

Can you describe the style of music?

The style of music depends on the concept but it always needs to be on point. For our guests who are really listening to the music it always needs to be inspirational and for other guests wholesale replica valentino clothing it just needs to sound comfortable. Also sound quality is very important for us.

Can you be more specific?

Well, we know that most people come and visit us for a reason. Music is a part of the concept and so we believe also a part of this reason. It all has to do with ambiance, comfort and having a nice time. All of our concepts are developed with an idea and we try to communicate this trough all aspects.

What was the main reason to work with us?

In the past we worked with a few different music companies but they all couldn’t really meet our expectations. Since we are working with Soundtrack the music database is unlimited and always up to date. The schedule feature to schedule playlists throughout a day or week is great and the application is user friendly and a perfect way to tune the music on site.

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