The most complete
in-store music product
for your business.

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The most complete in-store background music product for your business.

We are a full service music company specialized in background music. Our goal is to change the way of traditional ‘background music’ into something more valued for brands, stores, restaurants, hotels and public places. We create better experiences trough music that suits the brand. We can also help and advise you in the field of audio speaker solutions.

As the ‘Benelux’ partner of Soundtrack Your Brand we work with ‘Soundtrack’ the most complete and only Spotify-Backed in-store music streaming platform for business. Soundtrack is provided by Soundtrack Your Brand®

Benelux Partner Soundtrack

How it works.


1. Create an account.

As soon as we receive your company details we will send you an email invite to your own Soundtrack account. You are always able to add users later on.

2. pairing locations or zones.

Trough a specific 'pairing' code you're able to pair a device per location. Soundtrack is available on IOS, Android, Windows, Sonos or through our own hardware.

3. Select and playing music.

After successfully pairing a device you are now able to search, select and to play music. You can do this locally from the device or from distance with your online account.

4. Schedule ahead.

Create your own daily and weekly music schedule with time slots. The application will now automatically switch playlists throughout the day and week.

5. Manage and remote from distance.

With the central dashboard you can manage and remote the music on all 'paired' locaties. This way you will have a perfect overview anytime everywhere.

6. Service & Support.

Whenever you have questions or in need of some help we are always here to help. You can reach us by phone, whatsapp or email for daily service and support.


300+ mood, genre and artist based ‘never ending’ Soundtracks to play.

spotify radio

Create your own ‘Soundtrack’ based on an imported Spotify playlist.

plug & play

Soundtrack is available on IOS, Android, Windows,Sonos or trough the Soundtrack Player.

easy to manage

Remote and manage all connected locations and zones from the online dashboard.

schedule music

Schedule the music throughout a day or a full week for a perfect flow.

offline modus

Even with a bad or lost internet signal the music will automatically keeps playing offline.

block songs

Block songs manually or automatically filter ‘explicit’ songs from your playlists.

fair-trade music

With ‘Soundtrack’ every artist will get paid directly and fairly per stream.

business licensed

‘Soundtrack’ is licensed and legal to use in commercial and public spaces.

Brands we
work with.

Spotify zakelijkmuziek in de winkelin store music OgerJohan Cruijff Arena achtergrond muziekmuzieksysteem hotel
anne&max achtergrond muziekmuzieksysteem retailin store music
achtergrond muziek horecaachtergrond muziekachtergrond muziek hotels
muziek systeemaudio installatieachtergrond muziek restaurantsHotel achtergrond muziek
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk

Soundtrack Essential:

  • Choose from 500+ playlists
  • Spotify Radio
  • Weekly updated playlists
  • ’Schedule’ feature
  • Automatic ‘offline’ feature
  • Payment by invoicing
  • 24/7 service & support

€35,- per month per location

Soundtrack Unlimited:

  • Everything from Soundtrack Essential
  • Create your own playlists
  • Import Spotify playlists
  • Search for albums and tracks
  • Totally freedom
  • Payment by invoicing
  • 24/7 service & support

€55,- per month per location

More than 10 locations to play music in? Ask us about the pricing and conditions.
For more questions go and see our contact page.

retail achtergrond muziekkoffie bar achtergrond muziekMuziek op kantoor
restaurant achtergrond muziekfitness achtergrond muziekMuziek voor openbaar gebruik
hotel achtergrond muziekkapper achtergrond muziekAchtergrond muziek Horeca