With some of the brands we work with we like to create a short story through an interview. In these interviews kv rolex datejust 36mm m126200 0008 mens automatic we’re talking about the brand and how important music is for their locations. What is their view on the music and how do we determine the music?

For BALR. we’re talking with Jay Brookman, the international retail manager.

Hi Jay,

Can you tell us a bit more about the brand BALR.?

BALR. Is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2013 by Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus. The first ambassadors were professional football players Gregory van der wiel and Eljero Elia. You recognize the style of BALR. to the simplistic but emphatic design of the logo. We call ourselves “affordable exclusive” and focus mainly on modern, sporty men and women.

How important is music for the brand and stores?

For BALR. music is an ideal way to communicate with our customers. For example, with Spinnin ‘Records, various playlists have been launched on Spotify and BALR. has a collaboration with DJ Hardwell. Music is a really big part of the BALR. lifestyle.

What was the main reason to work with us?

To be honest, we were looking for a new In-Store music product for our flagship store. After we had a number of conversations, A Music Moment got the best out of these conversations. This was mainly due to the wide range of music and the fact we can control the music at any time and anywhere with the application. It works just as easily as Spotify and that’s great.

What is the biggest change since you started using Soundtrack?

Nowadays we never have to search for music again. A number of playlists that exactly match our brand and store are selected for us. If we still want something different, we select a playlist ourselves with the app. In addition, we can also determine the volume via the app, which is ideal because we have multiple floors.

What do you like most about our system or the collaboration?

We are completely free in our choice of music and yet the Soundtrack team is busy with these playlists in the background. Music is added based on our preference and we can also add music ourselves via the “joint playlist”. The combination of service and product is very strong.

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