Can I use Spotify for business?

At commercial and public places it is illegal and not allowed to use streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. This has to do with music rights and licenses. These streaming services hello puff massengrosshandel 5500 puffs einweg vape geraet 10 stueck packung mango ice are developed for consumers and a subscription gives you the right to play music privately. For commercial en public use of music you need other licenses. We’re happy to explain which two you’ll need.

Commercial streaming rights:

As we have described above you’ll need a music system/ service with licenses for public and commercial use. This is important because the music you are playing contributes to the commercial activities which are taking place and not to forget there are a lot more people listening to the music at the same time. Besides the fact you can be checked and fined for it is also important that the artists will be compensated fairly for their music.

Public performance rights:

Next to using a legal database of music you also need a license for playing music in public. This is what they call ‘Public performance rights’. This license is based on your type of business, number of square meters and the reason for playing background music. As a business owner you have to contact your local PRO to get this license. In The Netherlands you can contact Buma Stemra.

Legal Background Music.

With A Music Moment we are the Benelux partner of Soundtrack Your Brand. Soundtrack Your Brand is the developer of ‘Soundtrack’ the first legal b2b music streaming service on the market.

Soundtrack is the only in-store music system that is legally backed by Spotify and also the only platform which has direct license deals with all record companies & music labels. So when you’re using Soundtrack you know that you’re supporting artists and you are playing music in fair way.