The most complete in-store music product for your business.

Spotify Restaurant

A Music Moment. A music company with a great love for music. Our goal is to change the way of traditional ‘background music’ into something more valued for brands, stores, restaurants and hotels. We create better experiences trough music that suits the brand.

As a premium partner of Soundtrack Your Brand we work with ‘Soundtrack’ the most complete and only international in-store music product in the world. Soundtrack is provided by Soundtrack Your Brand®

Soundtrack Nederland


300+ Mood, genre and artist based ‘never ending’ Soundtracks to choose from.

spotify soundtrack

Create your own ‘Soundtrack’ based on an imported Spotify playlist.

plug & play

Soundtrack is available on IOS and Android or trough the Soundtrack Player.

easy to manage

Remote and manage all connected locations and zones from the online dashboard.

fair trade music

With ‘Soundtrack’ every artist will get paid fairly per stream.

business licensed

‘Soundtrack’ is licensed to use in commercial and public spaces.

Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk
Spotify Zakelijk

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Johan Cruijff Arena achtergrond muziek
Spotify Restaurant
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