A Music Moment is created and founded by Reinier Middel. At the very first beginning the idea and focus was to share new music trough Spotify playlists and a music blog. 

In 2017 the concept changed into a business model to providing ‘branded music’ to brands. After some research it turned out that the current market of background music/ in-store music wasn’t that innovative and could need some changes. 

In comparison with consumer streaming services as Spotify and Apple Music the in-store music products, at that time, were really outdated.

After a conversation with Spotify NL we’ve been put in contact with Soundtrack Your Brand. A Swedish start-up, backed by Spotify. 

Soundtrack Your Brand is the developer of ‘Soundtrack’. The fastest growing and only Spotify -Backed b2b music platform in the world.
Founded in 2013 by Ola Sars (Dre Beats) and Spotify board members. 

Founded because of the lack of a legal, modern, digital, user friendly and fair trade in-store music product. 

Soundtrack is a legal in-store music streaming platform for business in retail, hospitality and public spaces. 

As a premium partner of Soundtrack Your Brand we are providing ‘Soundtrack’ and are responsible for all partnerships in the Benelux.